Saturday, January 5, 2013

aimi story for 2013

   assalamualikum 2012.
i'm late right to wish my resolution for 2013?
             yaa.i'm not active blogging since last year.but its okay i will try to spend my time for this blog.(i hve twitter now)
            pilih kasih pulakkan?haha

                i hve resolution for 2013 but that's wasn't many as yours.but i'm try to changes my bad habits.haha.hope i will success yaa.

                         i try to do best in my spm and hope my 2013 is more better good than 2012.pray for me kayy?

                 i am myself ;)

                  notes:kenapa tetiba cakap org putih pulak kann?tengah cari point essay ni-,-.haihh.

        motto 2013:try best,be the best!ajajaaa~


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